Government Shutdown

The government has shut down…many people don’t know what this means. 800,000 employees of the state are now furloughed, meaning they are unemployed temporarily. This is all because the democrats and republicans cannot come to a agreement on Obamacare. The republicans proposed changes to Obamacare that the democrats view as absurd and wont agree to. Today is the third day of the shut down and the two parties are still far away from reaching an agreement.(Cohen 2013) As the shut down continues more and more Americans are becoming enraged..wondering how they are going to put food on the table. Many federal workers feel like “collateral damage” according to this article in the New York Times.(Wines 2013) They feel like its unfair that so many other federal employees are working everyday without pay as if nothing were even going on. The government better come up with a solution fast to prevent serious damage to American lives.
Cohen, T. (2013, October 03). Gop legislator: Boehner won’t let government default on its debt. Retrieved from \
Wines, M. (2013, October 03). As government slugs it out, government workers take it on the chin. The New York Times, p. Section A page 20.


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