Should we invade Syria?

To invade Syria or not….the question that is still unanswered. Many Americans are saying no while others are saying yes. Basically Syria is under a dictatorship that is just getting worst and worst. People are dying everyday and all efforts to overthrow the dictatorship are failing. Obama wanted to airstrike against Syria but many nations and the united nations are not backing him.(Baker & Myers, 2013) Personally I don’t think we should get involved with Syria unless its the entire United Nations deciding to do it. Many educated Americans have been writing articles online strongly expressing why we should NOT intervene. They are simply saying “why does it always have to be the U.S. intervening?” (Eland,2013) America has so many problems of its own and we need to focus on our country and making it better rather than spending money and time on others. 

Baker, P., & Myers, S. (2013, sep 6). Obama falls short on wider backing for syria attack. The New York Times, p. 6A.

Eland, I. (2013, Sep 4). The u.s. will regret intervention in syria. Retrieved from


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