Defending my major: Buisness

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 12.55.14 AM

Im currently studying business because I want to own one in the future. Majoring in business helps me to develop the skills I need to work in the business world. There are many different aspects of business such as economics, accounting, management, marketing, and many more. Learning a little about each aspect has helped me get a feel of what each field is like. I could graduate and become an accountant, or even work on wall street. 

Computers play a strong role in the business world. They are used to keep track of data, organize, and help run most buisinesses. For example, in my moms hair salon we just computerized the business with a program that keeps track of individual clients, and makes appointments. Programs like these can help a business dramatically because they keep track of all the expenses, revenue, income, and can show you ultimately every detail you need to know about your business. Much better than a paper and pen. 


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