Massive Open Online Course and Higher Education

How do online courses effect higher education? Online courses are not a good idea. Without the presence of a teacher or the face to face reaction a student does not get the full experience. In my own experience, while taking test I remember certain things the teacher says and it comes back to me from lectures. I can always go home and read slides and textbooks to reinforce what I learned. Rushkoff (2013) believes that educators need to be in the room instead of online courses. MOOCs uses an instructor and gives online class assignments and tests, the lectures are videos and all students communicate through online forums. (Newsome 2013) No one knows if MOOCs really works, are students cheating off eachother or googling answers or are they actually learning? (Marcus 2013) 

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Should we invade Syria?

To invade Syria or not….the question that is still unanswered. Many Americans are saying no while others are saying yes. Basically Syria is under a dictatorship that is just getting worst and worst. People are dying everyday and all efforts to overthrow the dictatorship are failing. Obama wanted to airstrike against Syria but many nations and the united nations are not backing him.(Baker & Myers, 2013) Personally I don’t think we should get involved with Syria unless its the entire United Nations deciding to do it. Many educated Americans have been writing articles online strongly expressing why we should NOT intervene. They are simply saying “why does it always have to be the U.S. intervening?” (Eland,2013) America has so many problems of its own and we need to focus on our country and making it better rather than spending money and time on others. 

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Government Shutdown

The government has shut down…many people don’t know what this means. 800,000 employees of the state are now furloughed, meaning they are unemployed temporarily. This is all because the democrats and republicans cannot come to a agreement on Obamacare. The republicans proposed changes to Obamacare that the democrats view as absurd and wont agree to. Today is the third day of the shut down and the two parties are still far away from reaching an agreement.(Cohen 2013) As the shut down continues more and more Americans are becoming enraged..wondering how they are going to put food on the table. Many federal workers feel like “collateral damage” according to this article in the New York Times.(Wines 2013) They feel like its unfair that so many other federal employees are working everyday without pay as if nothing were even going on. The government better come up with a solution fast to prevent serious damage to American lives.
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Net Neutrality

What is net neutrality?  Net neutrality is the principle that all people should treat data on the Internet equally.  I believe neat neutrality should become a law. Soon the television companies will start charging money for smooth access to Internet sites and more. We shouldn’t have to pay for these things since we already pay for wifi and data fees. They can’t turn everything into a money making scheme. I do believe in stopping piracy that is wrong. They can think of ways to fend piracy without taking net neutrality away from us.

Open Source

What is open source? Open source is the ability to edit or modify anything thats publicly accessible. Basically what this means is anyone can go to a website and edit it one example is Wikipedia. The pros of this include free licensing, meaning there is no fee and anyone could improve the data at anytime.  The cons of this are that someone could write false information, and people dont get credit for information that they post. Ultimately, open source could either benefit or be a disadvantage for any software.

Edward Snowden

Controversy was raised when Edward Snowden released top secret government information to the public. Personally I think, releasing top secret material is wrong. There is a reason its top secret and releasing these details to the public just causes chaos. On the other hand, now that the information is released it has been an eye opener for the public. No one knew how much of our personal information the government could actually access. We get a glimpse of what the government is doing and how many things there are that we don’t know about. All in all, he should have just done his job and left it alone.