Outsourcing is a business having employees in other countries. I don’t agree with outsourcing because it takes away jobs from people in the country. For example in America many times if you call a buisnesses number your taliking to someone in another country. This takes away jobs from Americans and many Americans need jobs. It’s cheaper for businesses to employ people in foreign countries but it’s also unfair to them. They are exploited for their cheap labor. Ultimately businesses are the only ones benefiting from outsourcing. 


Technology Advancement

Everyday technology is advancing. At first people only imagined computers, now every mobile phone has a web browser and you can shop online with the click of a button. Technology like google glass will probably be very popular in the bear future. A lot of people like technology and it makes their lives easier. People always want the next new thing so technology like this can really help and save time.
The downfall of technology is that it takes you away from other people your around while connecting you with people you aren’t around. Another thing is privacy, if someone else wears the glasses will they be able to see all your personal information? These things people would take into consideration. It takes away the personal touch of life. You loose the value of “say cheese” when you take a picture.

Do you know whose watching you?

There are many parts of my life that I consider private. Sometimes social networks can give people access to a lot of information that they do not need to know about you. Some things that I consider private are my whereabouts, my relationship status, my grades, and basically what i’m doing in my life. A lot of information that people put on social networks should be private. Social networks can ultimately cause a lot of problems because people get a first hand look at your personal life. 

The government and corporations shouldn’t look at our personal information because the way people project themselves on social networks is for their friends and family to see, not future employers. It can make a person look bad and all professional people act unprofessional at times. Not everyone can be perfect all the time, so for future employers to look and judge us on out social networks is wrong. Image

Illegal Downloading

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Illegal downloading IS a victimless crime. All the movies, songs, videos that people download illegally means that the actors, singers, and anyone involved in the production of these things dont get payed. Songs and movies are copyrighted and therefore belong to people. Downloading without having payed for it means that your stealing. Even though the person your stealing from will never know you specifically stole from them, you still did it and because there are so many people downloading from torrent rather than itunes the singer looses a significant amount of money. They put in their hard work and are trying to make money, and illegally downloading deprives them of that. 

Illegal downloading is very similar to stealing for the fact that your taking something that doesnt belong to you. A film maker gets a budget produces a movie and needs to make a certain amount of money back to pay for everything and hopefully profit. They make this revenue by people going to see the movie, renting it, or downloading it (not for free of course). When people buy bootlegs or illegally download movies they are directly taking away from the filmmakers profit and because they didnt pay for something thats copyrighted  they are stealing. 

Defending my major: Buisness

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Im currently studying business because I want to own one in the future. Majoring in business helps me to develop the skills I need to work in the business world. There are many different aspects of business such as economics, accounting, management, marketing, and many more. Learning a little about each aspect has helped me get a feel of what each field is like. I could graduate and become an accountant, or even work on wall street. 

Computers play a strong role in the business world. They are used to keep track of data, organize, and help run most buisinesses. For example, in my moms hair salon we just computerized the business with a program that keeps track of individual clients, and makes appointments. Programs like these can help a business dramatically because they keep track of all the expenses, revenue, income, and can show you ultimately every detail you need to know about your business. Much better than a paper and pen. 

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was the founder of Reddit, a social news website. He was accused of breaking into MITs network. He was also being investigated by the FBI. He was supposed to have a trial in the spring and if he was found guilty he could face up to 35 years in prison and a 1 million dollar fine. (TRAPASSO, 2013) This led to him hanging himself on January 10th at the young age of 26. Swartz had a depression problem, and the pressure of the trial led him to his death. (Martinez, 2013) Its so sad that he committed suicide, there were so many people he could have talked to rather than making that decision. 

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Stem subjects include science, technology, engineering, and math. These are subjects that you can major in in college, if you get your degree with any of these subjects you are likely to have a higher paying job. These jobs are also the fastest growing and more stable than other jobs. There are more high tech jobs to fill now and thats why these jobs pay better. These subjects are all taught in public schools. After reading this its making me want to change my major. Image


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